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IScooter Adult Electric Scooter Folding Kick E-Scooter Long Range Urban Commuter

IScooter Adult Electric Scooter Folding Kick E-Scooter Long Range Urban Commuter

IScooter Adult Electric Scooter Folding Kick E-Scooter Long Range Urban Commuter

IScooter Adult Electric Scooter Folding Kick E-Scooter Long Range Urban Commuter. Dear customer, we have provided you with three Kick scooter on this link. Meet the different needs of different buyers. Please carefully review the product information before placing an order to avoid purchasing the wrong product.

With 10AH high-capacity lithium ion battery, the i9 commuter electric scooter can reach 10-15MPH, and the i9 MAX commuter electric scooter can reach 19MPH, which is fast enough to keep up with local traffic. It has a battery that can last 15-21 miles when charged under certain conditions and has a maximum load of 264 pounds. Regenerative batteries help recover energy and provide longer range. The i9 is equipped with a 350W powerful motor, an extended endurance system, and 8.5 inch honeycomb tires, making it more lightweight and convenient. The i9 Max is equipped with a powerful front wheel drive 500W upgraded brushless motor, a large 10 inch honeycomb shock absorption solid tire, and dual rear shock absorbers.

The iscooter electric scooter can not only go up the mountain easily, but also go up the mountain comfortably. It can also provide smooth driving even on the most bumpy road. Simply pair iScooter electric scooter with your smartphone and use the app to lock/unlock, light on/off, gears, start mode (zero start or non-zero start), customize set maximum speed, cruise control, etc. This APP is a very artificial intelligence software that can also monitor the scooter's top speed and battery power along.

Durable Aviation Grade Aluminum Material? The electric scooter for adults is made of premium aviation-grade aluminum material, which can enhance stability and durability. Also, It has a large, bright LED display, easy-to-use controls, a built-in horn, and bright head- and taillights.

It also has a sleek design that's sure to turn heads. An electric scooter that really suits your commute. Adult electric scooters can be folded and placed in compact spaces, such as cars and trucks.

The i9 weighs 11.2KG, and the i9MAX weighs 14.6KG. Compared with other electric scooters on the market, the i9 scooter is lightweight and very suitable for carrying.

I9 MAX electric scooter is equipped with 10 inch honeycomb shock absorption solid tire, which has high elasticity and wear resistance. Honeycomb solid tire is designed to make riding more convenient and reduce trouble. Honeycomb tyres do not require inflation, repair and maintenance. So you don't have to worry about a puncture.

In addition, it also has good anti-skid effect. (Only i9Max has this tire). To create a safe, eco, and high-efficiency traveling experience, iScooter pursues excellent performance and quality products for the users. Connect the i9 Scooter with the Minirobot App through Bluetooth to check your riding speed, energy usage, and remaining battery, or turn on Cruise Control once you hit 5mph for an easy ride.

Easily switch between three exciting riding modes on this i9 electric scooter with two clicks on the intuitive LED dashboard. The rear lights automatically turn on when the headlights are used or when the brakes are used, improving the safety and visibility of others. I9Max lets you whiz through town at the top speed of 35km an hour, conquering up to 20% grade slopes. Front and Rear Dual Suspension. The front fork has a built-in suspension for improved shock absorption and smooth riding.

Extra rear spring suspension for maximum comfort. The i9Max features an easy to use digital display screen, odometer, featuring your battery life, current speed, cruise control, digital lock and headlight status.

Ride up to 40km on a single charge with the 1040mAh large battery with dynamic power supply. The i9Max takes you on easier commutes and longer adventures.

The range and speed of electric scooters are closely related to the weight, road conditions and riding skills of cyclists. There may be slight size deviations due to manual measurement, different measuring methods and tools. The picture may not reflect the actual color of the item because of different photographing light, angle, and monitor. International buyers please note: a. We stand behind every product we sell.

Our products are high-value products, such as electric scooters. Please confirming your demand first before you unpack it.

Please be sure to charge your scooter fully before first usage. Don't skip this as it's important and prolongs the life and capacity of your battery. When using e-scooter - please take extra care and wear some protective gear. It is not a toy.

If the product faulty when you first receive it - please coontact us straight away so it can be looked into. If it's factory fault - We will send a part to change it yourself. Or you may want to post to US based aftersales point if the repair is too dificult. We will try our best to reply all messages within 24 hours. However, during weekends or holidays may delay.

IScooter Adult Electric Scooter Folding Kick E-Scooter Long Range Urban Commuter